Practical information




EPFL has a strong international reputation for academics and research programs (over 125 nationalities represented among the students and staff). It is an ideal place to meet and exchange ideas. Located in an exceptional setting, near Lake Geneva, the campus offers many modern buildings. We will have the chance to benefit from the innovative amenities like the Rolex Learning Center.  click here to visit



Lausanne is a charming city, ideally located along the shore of Lake Léman (known as Lake Geneva), between Geneva and Montreux (well known for its Jazz Festival), in an amazing area surrounded by mountains and the renowned UNESCO Lavaux Vineyard Terraces. Lausanne also hosts the Olympic Committee and is as such designated the Olympic Capital. Culturally, Lausanne offers several museums, particularly the famous Olympic museum and the museum of photography. Built on three hills in medieval times, it has several historical sites of interest, the Cathedral of Lausanne which was consecrated in 1275, the St-François Church around the same age, the St-Maire Castle built in the 14th century and the town hall in the 17th century. click here to visit


The Starling Hotel


In order to create a convenient environment where people can meet and live a full and unique experience during the symposium, we wish to offer the opportunity for all participants to share the same hotel. Therefore the Starling Hotel is the only hotel near the conference amenities able to accommodate everyone. Click here to visit.

photo chambre Starling

 The 4**** Starling Hotel offers spacious and confortable rooms, fully equipped with the latest technologies.

Three options are available:

  • For 2 people: double room with  two separated beds for CHF 80.- each per night, breakfast included
  • For 3 people: double room with two separated beds and a sofa-bed for CHF 68.50.- each per night, breakfast included
  • For 1 person : single room for CHF 145.- per night, breakfast included.

Important information: In case you look at the website of the Starling Hotel, please note that the prices indicated for the rooms do not include the breakfast. This is the reason for the price difference you may find.

Youth Hostel of Lausanne

IMG_3911For students and participants with a low budget, Lausanne’s youth hostel is the most affordable option. Situated 30 minutes away from the Symposium, its location in the middle of a park close to the lake is ideal. Click here to visit.



Rates :

  • Rooms with 3 to 5 beds : CHF 40.- each per night, breakfast and sheets included
  • Single rooms : CHF 65.- per night, breakfast and sheets included



The SwissTech Hotel



Also located close to the symposium,
The SwissTech Hotel is a 3*** Hotel, trendy, urban and functional offering  fully equipped rooms and comfortable living areas. Click here to visit.


  • For two people: double room for CHF 71.- each per night, breakfast included
  • Single room : CHF 131.- per night, breakfast included



How to get to Lausanne?

By plane: The closest airport is Geneva international airport , served by most airlines.

By train: international trains arrive directly in Lausanne train station. Trains timetables available here.

Easy ways to get to the symposium: click here.



The main language of the symposium will be English.

Simultaneous translation will be provided in German and French for plenary sessions. As far as possible, translation will also be offered for workshops and presentations.


12 credits attributed for the whole symposium.

Certificates of participation will be signed by the symposium organisers and given at the end of it.

More details  to come.