The symposium is operated by PCE-Europe and the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. The organization is done by a dedicated committee.

The Symposium is held under the auspices of the dean of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, Ms. Mirjam Frídová.

Information about PCE-Europe can be found here.
Information about the Department of psychology can be found here.

Organizing committee
 Florent Berthéas, Lyon
 Sheila Haugh, Prague
 daniela Daniela Rös, Prague
Willi Rös, Prague
 Georgeta Niculescu, Bucharest
 Florentina Palada, Bucharest
matěj-seifert Matej Seifert, Prague
gerhard Gerhard Stumm, Vienna



Telephone: +420 604 314 029

Student Helpers
 mira Mira Abrahámová English, French, Slovak, Czech
 Marcela Marcela Ševčíková  English, German, Czech
 martina Martina Míčková English, Portuguese, Czech
 katerina Katarina Štyráková German, Polish, Slovak, Czech
 Kristyna Kristýna Maulenová English, Czech
 Betka Alžběta Gilíková English, French, Czech
 corina Corina Buruiana Eng.,Spanish,French, Romanian
 Kat h Kateřina Holeyšovská English, Czech
MariiaBondarenko  Mariia  Bondarenko  English, Russian
 iva  Iva Rolederová English, German, Czech
 Camera 360  August  Tongrit  English,India,Thai
  Ivana Veselá English, Czech