General Assembly

The PCA Institute Praha was happy to welcome the 15th General Assembly (GA) of PCE Europe. It was held on April 25, from 2 – 6 p.m. prior to the opening of the Symposium.

The delegates from all PCE Europe member organisations were invited to participate in the GA. (A delegate is a representative of a member organisation of PCE Europe and has voting right for his or her organisation. If this is not the case, symposium participants were welcomed to attend our GA as guests,  without voting rights.)

The GA took place at Psychology Department of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, Celetná str. 20, room n.332.

After the GA we joined the welcoming event  which started at 19 p.m.


Agenda General Assembly PCE Europe 25th

1. Introduction board and participants
2. Agenda GA 2014
3. Minutes 2012
4. New member organisations
5. Reports EAP/ EAC
6. Financial situation PCE Europe
a. EAP/ EAC representation
b. Personal board meeting
7. Goals and future of PCE Europe
8. Donation fund
9. Connection PCE Europe (board) with member organizations
a. Outcome round table PCE conference 2012: how to create this?
10. Certificate committee
     a. Response from member organizations in verification process
     b. Update contact details member organizations
10. Activities from the board
a. Information for new organizational members – website and documents
11. WAPCEPC – developments and proxy votes
12. Any items from the organizations?
13. AOCB
14. Election of the new board
15. Next General Assembly 2016


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